The Venetian company of reference for moulding and injection machines destined for footwear production, Main Group, focuses on energy savings with innovative brushless motors integrated on its DELT-UP machines dedicated to workplace safety.

In recent times, “energy savings” has become a key and priority issue for those companies interested in obtaining strategic positioning in the market dedicated to machinery for footwear. For this reason, Main Group, in order to achieve a high degree of efficiency for the entire system, whether it’s a rotary or linear machine for injection, has developed new state-of-the-art processes.

With the aim of achieving low energy consumption, innovative brushless motors have been integrated into DELT-UP, a series of machines for injecting boots with thermoplastic materials, destined for occupational safety. One of the main advantages of this new technology is the 80% reduced oil cooling capacity, which can be replaced every 30,000 hours instead of every 10,000 hours.

The savings achieved is also in terms of costs. Direct and indirect costs are drastically reduced, as are the expenses for ordinary maintenance, since there are no longer proportional flux valves, variable flux pumps, and compensators. Moreover, it seems the maintenance of the cylinders and valves, as well as the joints, which use cold oil are no longer subject to wear-and-tear.

Thanks to constant research and development of materials and technologies, Main Group Technologies remains a brand of reference for the sector. In fact, this Venetian company is constantly working to increase the productive efficiency of its machines, in order to achieve important energy savings and significantly decrease the costs of maintenance.

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