Final product

SP 80

Static machine series for the production of one- two- and three-colour soles in both compact and expanded PVC, Thermoplastics and their combinations.

The project design of such machines satisfies all the production needs: from ease of use to automatic cycle for highest productivity.

  • Gradual investment according to production needs
  • Estreme flexibility, as to colours and materials
  • Easy production programming
  • Minimum downtime
  • Reduced mould costs for two-three-colour soles, by using 3-parts and not 4-parts moulds
  • Automation: each machine can be equipped for a completely automatic production
  • Quality of the finished product thanks to:
    • Maximum pressure closure of the press throughout the whole cooling cycle;
    • Great waste reduction as each station works independently;
    • The outsole colours does not move because the mould does not rotate
    • Perfect sticking as the second colour / expansion is injected directly on hot outsole.
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