Final product


For injecting boots up to 48 cm high, with one, two or three colours in thermoplastic materials.

Boot production requires a high performing product, light and comfortable to use, offering excellent production flexibility <small quantities of several items> and high saving on costs for both the machine and the finished product.

Several hundreds of the DELT-UP machines have been sold, and they are the design evolution by MAIN GROUP, which started in the 70s with the first DELTA machines, on which increasingly improved technological solutions have been installed over the years addressed to the best possible production.

  • Strong machines, with increased power to produce much finer thicknes, even when viscous material are used
  • Superior final product quality
  • Great production flexibility, production of large quantities of a few items or small quantities of several items
  • High production capacity
  • The entire production process is optimised, thanks to the drastically reduced machine downtime in recovering the production cycles and automatic adjustment of the injection parameters
  • Fast mould change as standard: 3 minutes as opposed to 20 minutes and more that are normally needed
  • Given the great success of patented PIT-STOP system (opening the front door of the mould holder to facilitate mounting the moulds), MAIN GROUP has now decided to install this device as standard with no additional cost. The customer is free to choose the temperature control plate system however.
  • Significant energy savings (energy consumption reduced by more than 30%) thanks to the last generation design solutions, including: electric injection units (instead of hydraulic) – compact low energy hydraulic unit.


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