Final product

ROSS 260 T

Static machines for the production of one- two-and multi-colour footwear and soles in expanded, compact and rigid thermoplastic materials (TR – TPU – PEBAX – Technopolymers)

This version is the result of a careful design study that showed this configuration as the optimal solution for the new needs of soles manufacturers: thinner and thinner soles, materials increasingly rigid, increasingly complex designs, along with guarantees of high quality finished product, at minimum costs!

ROSS 260T is a highly-performance machine with a relevant clamping force and a mould-surface that allows to put even bigger moulds.

  • Compact, user-friendly machine, with control box and hydraulic unit built into the base
  • The square head mould-holder version allows the multi-injection of highly technical soles with the possibility to put the inserts before or within the injection phase
  • The square head mould-holder allows an automatic adjustment to the various mould heights
  • Fast mould change on each station without having to stop the machine
  • Possibility of production in a complete automatic cycle, with the addition of front and rear sprue extraction robots.
  • Optimum product quality constant through time.
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