Final product


Three station static machinefor the production of one and two-colors soles in compact, expanded and rigid thermoplastic materials

Cento Plus machines combine Main Group long experience and consolidated know-how with the most up-to-date production technologies: the result are robust, efficient and reliable machineries that combine ease of use, low cost, and high quality of the finished product.

The 150 tons closing force enhances the machine’s potential and performances, thus achieving the optimum configuration to respond effectively, flexibly and speedily to the latest market demands.


totally customizable machine in the type of extraction, injection, mould-holder head  and accessories

extreme production flexibility in the colours, materials and programming

– possibility of using more rigid thermoplastic materials with higher hardness

–  soles with thinner thicknesses and possibility of reproducing more complex designs with a higher definition

– reduced injection times

– higher performances level

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