Final product


Series of static machines for the production of one and two-colour soles in compact, expanded and rigid thermoplastic materials.

CENTO is a new series of machines which is adding to the great and prestigious SP.45 and SP.80 series.

The CENTO machines maintain all the technical and construction features that decreed the success of the MAIN GROUP static machines, but with the added value of cutting edge technology performances..

  • The machine can be completely customised in the number of stations – extraction type – injection type – accessories
  • User friendly and low maintenance
  • Strong compact structure
  • Extreme production flexibility in the colours, materials and programming
  • Reduced machine downtime, thanks to the totally independent and individually tooled workstations
  • Reduced mould costs, especially for two colour production
  • Reduced maintenance costs given by the specific design solutions
  • Machine designed for excellent Energy saving (optional) with the same high performance level
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